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Official Industrial SWPPP Development

Learn the process of developing a stormwater pollution prevention plan for industrial applications. This is a very interactive course where you will be developing your SWPPP using a fillable template and step-by-step process.

NOTE:  You should have a BASIC understanding of INDUSTRIAL stormwater or have completed the INDUSTRIAL Stormwater Inspector course before taking the SWPPP course. The Industrial stormwater Inspector course link isOfficial Industrial Stormwater Inspector Certification | USA (

Industrial SWPPP Training Courses Online

An SWPPP is a written document that identifies industrial activities a facility operator will implement to prevent pollutants from making their way into the municipal drainage system. This includes any structural and non-structural control practices. The SWPPP also must include descriptions of other relevant information, such as the physical features of the facility and procedures for spill prevention, conducting inspections, and training employees.

The SWPPP is intended to be a “living” document, updated as necessary, such that when industrial activities or stormwater control practices are modified or replaced, the SWPPP is similarly revised to reflect these changes. In this course, you will learn four steps for developing a successful SWPPP:

  • Forming a pollution prevention team
  • Assessing potential stormwater pollution sources
  • Selecting appropriate control measures
  • Developing procedures for required monitoring and maintenance

Course Details

Industrial Personnel who take this course typically are members of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Team and have responsibility for:

  • SWPPP documentation
  • Inspections (Routine, Visual, Annual)
  • Analytical Benchmark Monitoring
  • Selecting, recommending, and maintaining control measures

Your registration and successful completion of the course will include:

  • SWPPP Guide
  • PDF Fillable Template
  • Inspection Handbook
  • 0.7 CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

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Just a Few Comments from Past Attendees

“The instructor (Laurie Murphy) did such a great job explaining the ‘in and outs” of a SWPPP document. I am planning on sending my 2 plant managers to this course.”  Larry D. – Vice President – Mannix Industrial – Texas

“I took over the job as facilities manager for our plant and was not trained on any aspect of the SWPPP.  I appreciate how the instructor took the time to answer everyone’s questions and explained how this whole concept works in a step-by-step manner. Thank you so much for your help.”  Patrick T. – Facilities Manager – Colorado

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