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The Science will Determine the Compliance
Official Green Stormwater Infrastructure Inspector

Attend an advanced-level certification webinar covering green infrastructure maintenance, control methods, and more.

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Earn Your Green Stormwater Inspector Certification Online

In this course, you will learn how to inspect green infrastructure from the initial development phase through the transfer, long-term operation, and maintenance phases.

Stormwater permits have a post-construction requirement for the implementation of Green Stormwater Infrastructure. Whether working on a municipal or private development project, municipal and construction inspectors must understand the processes involved in the operation and maintenance of these unique systems in the long-term.

This one-day course will include a review of traditional controls, such as silt fencing, retention,  and detention ponds. It will then cover the hydrology, construction inspection, and maintenance of Low Impact Development.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Course Details

This is an advanced course, appropriate for all Construction & Development personnel, including Construction personnel, Municipal personnel, and Environmental Consultants who are typically responsible for:

  • Green infrastructure inspections & maintenance
  • Post Construction Minimum Control Measures
  • Flood Plain Management
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Low Impact Development (LID) Engineering and Design

At the conclusion of the course, participants will complete an examination. Participants who achieve a minimum overall score of 75% will be awarded:

  • Advanced Construction Inspector Handbook
  • Inspection forms
  • Copy of the permit
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Guidance Document
  • 5-year renewable Advanced Controls Inspector Certification
  • 0.7 CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

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