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The Science will Determine the Compliance

“Laurie Murphy is an Excellent Instructor. She makes sure everyone is participating by just calling upon anyone randomly to answer questions. She did an Excellent job with this class. I appreciate everything Laurie taught us and the different ways she used to bring across the message. I am a visual learner. I was happy about the way she chose to teach the class and the presentation helped identify everything that was being said.”

“My overall experience with this class is great. I will be using what I was taught to do my job as an inspector and I can always look back on the manual provided for information.”

“Laurie is an excellent presenter / instructor and I would be delighted to take a course from her again in the future. Very interesting material. Great job explaining it.”

“I thought the course was well worth the time and money. Very useful information which our industrial facility can use to remain compliant. I also really liked how the instructor was very interactive and encouraged all participants to share their BMP’s”

“I had no idea of all the regulations our facility (and all of our manufacturing plants) are supposed to be following according to the EPA. I learned so much in this course. Thank you.”

“Two of our project managers took the Industrial course last month. Both of the PM’s gave the course information and the instructor RAVE reviews!  We will be sending our other 3 PM’s to the August course.  Thanks again.”

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