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Stormwater Pond Maintenance Best Management Practices

Master BMPs for limiting stormwater pond pollution and more in our virtual webinar.

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Stormwater Pond Maintenance Training Online

This course is for anyone responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and oversight responsibilities of stormwater pond control structures, including ponds located in Home Owner Associations and commercial properties. Learn about the design, hydrology, and operation of these ponds and how to inspect and maintain them long-term. Best Management Practices (BMPs) for these sites will help you remain compliant with various federal and state regulations and avoid costly violations.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) has strict requirements for the maintenance and inspection of stormwater controls, due to the potential pollutants that can discharge to regulated Waters of the United States. This course will prepare you to understand these regulations and discover meaningful solutions to individual site challenges.

Course Details

This course covers the proper installation, operation and maintenance of detention and retention ponds long-term. This includes not only municipal-owned controls but also private property owners as well in order to understand their responsibilities under the NPDES Municipal permit.
Individuals who take this course are typically responsible for:

  • Municipal inspections, maintenance, and repair
  • Municipal oversight requirements for private property and commercial property owners.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive:

  • Stormwater Pond Maintenance Guide
  • Stormwater Pond Inspector Certification
  • Complete Pond Inspection Handbook
  • 0.4 CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

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Virtual Webinar Dates

Our Client Testimonials

“I found the training to be very useful.”

Barbara Johnson
Water Quality Scientist

“I enjoyed the webinar. It helped me think in a different direction when it comes to our stormwater issues, especially when dealing with all those pond issues.”

Dennis Heisey
MS4 Coordinator – Hampton Township

“My co-worker and I took the POND Maintenance Best Management course last week. We had a lot of problems with the ponds in our City, but now I have a clear understanding how to address these problems. Suddenly my job is not so stressful. Thanks again.”

Mark Tisdale
Environmental supervisor – Wisconsin

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